Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dead Hooker In A Trunk finally in Australia, no FOOLIN'!

Howdy horrophiles! It's the absent rat, back again with the most incredible news I have received this year! This is more than just a review, update or story - this is is the first piece I can write for this blog that is 100% relevant to both my passion for horror and cult films, and the everyday struggle of my life. But let's keep it simple to start with.

By now, if you have not heard of Jen and Sylvia Soska, CJ Wallis, Twisted 
Twins Productions or the film Dead Hooker In a Trunk it's clear you're not too concerned about independent film sensations or the resurgence of the grindhouse style to low budget film making. The little film that could continues to wow audiences and critics and bloggers alike, so it's not my position to write it up yet again, it's awesome and you need to see it and support it and that's all you need to know from me. A simple search will lead you to a plethora of like opinions if you don't want to trust in me. 

Living in Australia is wonderful. We have the most laid back climate, a choice of any weather system you please, and the most diverse and trouble free culture on the planet. One thing Australia does not have enough of is horror and cult film events, screenings or conventions. Knowing this, when I first discovered the Soska sensation at the end of last year through my good friends and mentors Kristy Jett (Geek goddess of Bloodsprayer and Fright-Rags fame) and Hannah Neurotica (the genius gender writer behind Ax Wound and WIH recognition month), my first question to them was "have you had ANYONE in this country interested in the film?" - to which the reply was no.

Something awoke inside me that day, I faced all the inhibitions that prevent myself and most others from nurturing an inkling into an idea, raising the idea to an action and producing a result. I threw caution and fear to the wind, and politely asked Jen and Sylvia if I could look into getting a screening for them. From this point, a lovely friendship of mutual appreciation, support, love and respect blossomed in further communication and my efforts to promote the film and it's beautiful creators. They sent me a copy of their film and gave me the authority to organize something, however small. I remember thinking "well, I won't get it into the Dendy, but a small hall or pub venue will still break it here" - as I continued to investigate a venue and costs, I receive a note from Jen - "GUESS WHAT MOVIE IS COMING TO AUSTRALIA????!!!!"

At the Dendy in Newtown, the one cinema I saw as the ultimate venue for this, on April Fool's Day of all days, as part of the Night Of Horror festival (one of the only ones we have), Dead Hooker In A Trunk will be showing for the first time in Australia, with DVD release following so all my friends down under can enjoy the film I have ranted and raved and driven them all crazy about in the last 5 months. Everything I had hoped to try for is now a reality, and my desire to organize screenings of my own is only stronger after this news. It proves to me that Sydney has the potential to have a scene, and others are already making it happen too.

So if you're in Sydney and free on Friday, come along. I will be sitting right at the front centre, wearing my DHIAT t-shirt and the biggest sense of happiness, pride and joy I have felt in some time. From a day dream, to a notion, to a new friendship, a new direction, the reawakening of a dormant passion, so much has come from this experience - this may seem insignificant, silly or over the top for some readers, those that know about my struggles will agree that this is a fine day to be a rat.

Thanks so much Jen, Sylvia and CJ - it's so wonderful that your film can make it all the way around the world to some people other than me, your number one Australian supporter. Cheers mates!

Till next time