Sunday, April 24, 2011

Popcorn! And there goes a weasel.

Howdy horrorphiles! Rattus Von Ratt here again, this time with a piece I felt was necessary to write for a few different reasons. Promotion, emotion, and demotion for starters. Promotion of a wonderful project that needs a bit of funding, emotion at the recent personal attack on one of my best buddies, and demotion of a jag-off hack from his place on the bottom rung of nowhere to somewhere subterranean. 

Confus? Good. Let's do this thing in that order. Serious stuff first. What can I say about Kristy Jett? There is so much I can rant and harp on about; she is such an amazing, talented, beautiful and important member of the horror writing community, it almost makes me dizzy to try and think about everything she has done in a collective sense. There's SO much there! Kristy Jett may be best known to you horrorgeeks as a principal, and featured, and guest writer on over 50 websites, one of the the geniuses behind the iconic Bloodsprayer site and podcasts, stalwart in the promotion of Hannah Neurotica's Women In Horror Recognition Month, and tireless in her recognition and exposure of new horror writers, both male and female, anywhere in the world. 

Not only all of this, she's the customer care manager of Benjamin Scrivens' amazing T-shirt company Fright-Rags, which is actually the only place I get horror shirts from! Kristy is the reason A Safer Injection exists, as she gave me my start when I returned to the scene by securing me writing gigs at no less than 3 separate websites/magazines, 2 of which I turned down to follow my own little dream, which seems to be growing more every day. My friendships and work with Jen and Sylvia Soska, Hannah Neurotica, and a swag of other awesome writers and film makers all began with a t-shirt order and friendly string of emails with Kristy. I LOVE YOU JETT! 

Kristy's current personal project, her "white whale", is to secure independent production and distribution of one of her favourite (and mine!) 80's classics, Popcorn! The plan is to get the sorely missing release out there, along with a documentary about the film, and lots of awesomesauce extras we just wouldn't find on the average release! 

Like many other fans of horror, even folks who don't particularly like Popcorn all agree this is a worthy crusade, and the support for her project had thus far been really positive. Kristy decided to use Kickstarter, an online fund-raising hub to try and take care of the high dollar factor needed to really nail this project and convert it from a dream to something tangible we can all put in our collections, a victory requiring an amount of $16,000 - considering the sheer amount of horror geeks in the community, this should be do-able! And to me, kickstarter seemed an appropriate platform to spearhead this incentive. There are amazing things on offer to all of those who donate, even a donation of ONE DOLLAR gets you a personal thank you in the credits of the documentary! Let alone the swag of other goodies available from the $50 tier all the way up!

Here's a link to the project!

The emotion and demotion part really isn't worth going into much. A douche launched a hackneyed personal trolling attack on Kristy today. She was so upset by this dipshit, she was even considering scrapping the project altogether! A better way to spend some time would be to DONATE EVEN A DOLLAR, and have a look at the great art from top illustrators Christpher Ott, Steve Jencks and Jeff Zornow, even get them signed by ORIGINAL CAST MEMBERS FOR HIGHER DONATIONS! COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!

The main thing I need to say about him is this: NOBODY FUCKS WITH KRISTY JETT AND GETS AWAY WITH IT! This dickshaft attacked her weight, gender, integrity as a writer, and her entire Popcorn project as "money for plane trips and conventions and herself", among other things. He TRIED to insult me about being from Australia, called me a "faggot" and tried on a whole bunch of other shit. Anyway, he can go die now.




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  1. Very well written! Kristy's project is one that I fully support, not just because Kristy is involved but because it is so inspiring to see a fan get the opportunity to be in such a position, working to promote the re-release of a film that means so much to them.

    By the way, I also got into writing because of Kristy. She encouraged me to begin writing, even though I had no experience at the time, and that belief in me is what gave me the courage to write my first piece (when I was asked to join the staff of a blog completely unrelated to her).

    I urge everyone to consider donating even a dollar to the Popcorn re-release project. Just think of how many unreleased DVDs would see the light of day if all fans toiled as tirelessly as she has.

  2. That's just awesome Jenny, I'm really glad that this new friendship has come from something so toxic and negative! That's soooo cool to meet another "Jett-fuelled" writer! (Yay! I made my word for the day, I always try to make a new word every day) It goes to show that we ARE a community, we ARE a family and we look out for each other, no matter what idiots say. I really look forward to reading your work, and chatting some more in the future!

    All my best


  3. I vaguely remember something about a werejohncandy from deviantART? What was that about again?

  4. He got a lot of attention for his site doing what he did.

  5. Rattus! Another fine article! This helped me understand the mess that I saw happening yesterday. Wow,.. some people just have too much time on their hands. BTW I am going to donate not to the project! Thanx!

  6. Once again, you write something insightful, informative, with your brilliant cadence. I can't believe that people would be so rude and disrespectful to someone who is trying to get donations for a DVD release.

    You don't say 'fuck you' if you don't want to donate, you just don't donate. Kristy, this is a great idea and I'm looking very forward to the release. I know this project means a lot to you and I hope some dickless fuckholes, don't make you question what are you doing.

    Ratty, another great article. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Hi there, i'm Nathan Forester aka DrMusic2-1 or Monstermaster13 - yes i'm the alledged werejohncandy you heard about on deviantart.

    But here's the thing i'm not really a werejohncandy or a weregrinch, i'm a human like everyone else and I just happen to like monsters and it's just for fun alright.

  8. Hey, it's werepokeman! How you doing mate, I didn't just "read" about you, I was your friend on dA, and once I saw how much time you spent fighting flamers online, I attempted on a couple of occasions to try and convince you that spending 20 hours a day as trollfood isn't any way to live. You attacked me on metokur when I tried to help as you pretty much do anyone involved in your wars, and I don't blame you. You are about the most smashed at person I have ever seen in the WHOLE interwebz, ever. I'm really happy that you keep writing and being happy with what you do, even if it is just the same collections of basic stories and characters that include elements of your favourite films. The fact that almost every one of your characters sucks the soul or essence out of its enemies is a worry, but yeah whatevs. Keep on mate, and don't let the popular opinion that you are a simple minded walking bullseye target ever stop you, for that opinion will never realy change now.

  9. @The Resident Rodent

    I'm fine, and how did you know about my werepokemon series i'm working on?

    Also I'm sorry for attacking you on metokur, I knew deep down you were trying to help me and so did my heart but my mind was tricked into believing you were a troll.

    And short stories are what i'm kind of good at, but I'm not sure there have been any soul-sucking monsters in my stories as of it yet, altough some of my monsters I made up for Power Rangers have that abiliity - such as Ratarazzi which is a rat-like monster with a third eye on it's forehead, the third eye kind of acts like a camera though.

    And once the victims have had their picture taken their essence does get drained out but they also act like snobby hollywood types and even turn into rat-monsters.

    Thanks anyway. And I know all about that, Ratty.

    I happen to have a plush rat with that exact same name.

  10. @The Resident Rodent
    I apologize for attacking you on Metokur and all that. As for the monster stuff, it's my gimmick and i'm not changing that. The trolls have pretty much stopped bullying me now, especially since my original ED article was destroyed with the rest of, ED.CH and ED.Se. I'm pretty sure Encyclopedia Dramatica will run out of website domains to use pretty soon. They'll probably have to move to another universe - lulz.