Sunday, October 31, 2010

Killer poet on the loose

Well, I decided to kick off the holiday with some fun rhymes, I tried to really squeeze in the horror references toward the end there :P Have fun!

Kick it!

It was Halloween night and you were walking through the hood
Ignoring all the people talking bout the stalker in the woods,

His mother was a crack head, his father was a phantom,
He smacked his brother Jack's head, and carved it for a lantern,

He even went to Crystal lake nice and fuckin early,
Smacked Jason around and made him wear a Mighty Ducks Jersey,

Went down to Elm Street for a double Freddy creature feature,
Covered his face in anchovies and made a very cheesy pizza,

He got Michael Myers excited about being a brilliant actor
Then cut off his face and gave it back to William Shatner!

Took a road trip another year and stayed at Motel Bates
Told Norman he fucked his mother dear and he wanted better hotel rates,

I don't mean to trip pedantic but he'll leave you quickly frantic
When he slits your dick in one sick flick - like Nekromantik,

The guy's a basket case who suffers from high level brain damage,
He married Frankenhooker, what a bad biology painful marriage,

This Creeper could also be called a phenomenon he's superior
It's opera and the fat lady's breathing her last suspiria,

He's a nasty flesh eater, but you could call him a zombi 2,
Comin from the beyond to put another touch of death on you,

It's a nightmare city, a city of the walking dead too,
A night, a dawn, a day will pass and then you could lose your head foo' 


So listen to me carefully before you trick or treat, 
There isn't another slasher with rhymes so slick and sweet,

And every horror tale should have a twist to thrill you - 
That rapper was me - hold still while I kill you!

Happy Halloween!

My influences:

And of course the hardest nigga ganstas of alltime.

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