Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ratman's tricky sticky movie quiz: 11 minutes to kill?

Ok, I had some spare time, so I figured I'd write a quick quiz for all you film buffs out there. Just 11 questions, time limit 11 minutes, no search engines allowed. Honesty system obviously. Can you score a perfect 11?

What was the name of the Sargeant who led the team of crack soldiers to help Ripley battle Aliens?
1. Hicks
2. Vasquez
3. Apone
4. Hudson

Which of the following horror films was not made in Australia?
1. Body Melt
2. Howling 3: The Marsupials
3. Razorback
4. Bad Taste

All of the actors below had cameos in Warren  Beatty's ambitious stinker Dick Tracy - but who played 88 keys?
1. Dick Van Dyke
2. William Forsythe
3. Mandy Patinkin
4. Dustin Hoffman

Another huge scale family film with a big cast was Hook. Who played the principal pirate Smee?
1. Danny DeVito
2. Bob Hoskins
3. Dudley Moore
4. Dustin Hoffman

Mark Hamill disappeared from film for 6 years after Return Of The Jedi, only to return in which 1989 sci fi stinker?
1. Freejack
2. Slipstream
3. The Philadelphia Experiment
4. Brainstorm

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes character Sam Smith is a master of disguise. But what gives away his flawless tomato disguise?
1. He farts
2. He asks a killer tomato to "pass the ketchup"
3. His suit falls off while dancing
4. He can't see and keeps bumping into everything

After directing classics like Brain Damage and Basket Case, Frank Henenlotter returned to trash filmmaking with the brilliantly over the top Bad Biology. How many clitorises does the main character have?
1. 3
2. 5
3. 7
4. 1, but it's the size of a volleyball.

Which of the following Westerns does not feature Lee Van Cleef?
1. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
2. Gunfight at the OK Corral
3. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
4. The Magnificent 7

Which of the following Planet Of The Apes titles is made up?
1. Escape From The Planet Of The Apes
2. Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes
3. Beneath The Planet Of The Apes
4. The Last Battle Of The Planet Of The Apes

In the Ed Furlong video-game-that-makes-you-really-kill movie Brainscan, what is the name of the evil villain controlling the game?
1. Trickster
2. Mystero
3. Spinner
4. Mesmero

Another Furlong film: name the underrated gangster film he appeared in, which had an atmosphere created by an average 12 second shot time (most films have a 3-6 second average)
1. Miller's Crossing
2. Little Odessa
3. State Of Grace
4. A Bronx Tale

So there you have it folks, watch this video while you decide on your final answers, answer key below. Post your results and pass it along if you found it tricky!



Till next time


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