Friday, November 12, 2010

Some poetry from the archives

Hi guys! Since I am not in a position to sit and write comfortably till next week, I figured I'd add a few older pieces for you to read. Here's a couple of my poems from recent times. I hope you enjoy them!

The expanse of black nothing stretches out before me,
I try to make out blurry shapes with lidless eyes,
My body is floating, suspended in this empty place.

Waves of cold and heat rise and fall right through me,
Echoes of familiar voices resonate in my ears,
I cannot make out the words they speak to me.

Unravelling from the tips of my fingers and toes,
My physical form disintegrates into a fine mist,
Slowly I become one with the rushing air around me.

Freed from my prison, I am the wind in the sky,
I am the whispering you hear only in dreams,
You cannot see me, but I brush against your skin.

Come into the rising, burning light of the sun,
Join me here among impossible infinite sky,
We will become beautiful billowing clouds above it all.

Darkness becomes light, days turn over and over,
Time has lost meaning in this new reality,
I am a looking-glass that traps the eternal moment.

I fall with the rain, and rise through the trees,
Crashing on the shore as a powerful wave,
Piercing through the air in the song of the birds.

Open your eyes while you sleep, and let go,
Drift along through the blue dream, I will find you,
Together we will be laughter and tears at once.

I can become the twinkling of the stars at night,
You will live in the crisp air of a new morning,
Together we form a rainbow painted in the sky.

Don't wake yet, let us stay in this beautiful dream.

And here's one more:

The surge of gravity weighs on my mind, dragging thoughts ever downward,
A weight of great intensity, forever tugging at my senses, blurring thought,
I fall.

Shuffling feet wander over my path, these shoes are not my own, dirty and worn,
They were borrowed from another soul, long gone, but who am I now?
I wander.

Waves of doubt created by the wind of terror, the rain pours on the sea,
Crashing foam upon my body, sucking me into the maelstrom,
I drown.

Laughing faces mock me; I beat them all with cool and clever tricks,
The smart guy always has the answer, right? Of course I do,
I pretend.

Determined I fight through each challenge, every day a new strength,
What skills I have attained, a master of all things unimportant.
I ignore.

When shall I decide not to change, but to continue noble,
Acceptance will come but only without regret, with pride at hand
I feel.

Simple honesty wakes my eyes, the obvious so deftly spoken,
How does she know my darkest soul, my brightest light?
I share.

Newfound friendship curls my smile so true, laughter seems new
And discovery so innocent, I wish to open my eyes again

I see.

When shall I face the mirror cracked, to piece together all these thoughts?
The broken shards repair to reveal a knowing and familiar smile, my own.
I believe.

She holds me close, deciding for me what I knew all along, so simple,
Holding hands together, is the whole world inside this touch? Who knows?
I know.

Cheers guys!



  1. This is beautiful, Ratty. Loved it.

  2. Awww, thanks so much, it means a lot for people I so look up to reading my work!